April 23
DO WE SEE THE SAME? is our first collaborative publication. It connects the dots between individual practices through collage,  whilst touching upon some of the key points and themes we discussed as a group such as, art education, community, and the importance of collaboration through the inclusion of research.


Duplicate 2023

Scanner Publication

April 23
Duplicate is an annual publishing fair based in Birmingham. It is a celebration of printed zines, comics, artists’ books and alternative publishing. During Dupplicate 2023 Commonplace Press ran the communal table and used scanning as an instant, experimental and participatory method for publication making.

The publication is a collection of things found at Duplicate Publishing Fair 2023. Whether from someone's pocket, made in a workshop or given to us by a stall holder.

You name it! We scanned it!

Gugan Gill - Portfolio Book

Janurary 23
Co-founder of Commonplace Press, Gugan’s research through practice approach to making revolves around documenting and radical (re)learning; reflecting on the wonders of everyday, capturing a sense of domestic feminism and the life story.

Polly Brant - Portfolio Book

Janurary 23
Co-founder of Commonplace Press, Polly’s practice explores bringing art into the everyday, where it can be relatable. Focusing on being something “ intended for everyone” (Politics of trespassing, 2011) , there is thought into building common spaces, connections and supporting art education.

Olivia Clarke - Portfolio Book

March 23
Olivia Clarke explores traditional ideas and mediums like painting, drawing and prints using modern technology and processes to create outcomes.

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