Gugan Gill - Portfolio Book

Janurary 23
Co-founder of Commonplace Press, Gugan’s research through practice approach to making revolves around documenting and radical (re)learning; reflecting on the wonders of everyday, capturing a sense of domestic feminism and the life story.

Polly Brant - Portfolio Book

Janurary 23
Co-founder of Commonplace Press, Polly’s practice explores bringing art into the everyday, where it can be relatable. Focusing on being something “ intended for everyone” (Politics of trespassing, 2011) , there is thought into building common spaces, connections and supporting art education.

Olivia Clarke - Portfolio Book

March 23
Olivia Clarke explores traditional ideas and mediums like painting, drawing and prints using modern technology and processes to create outcomes.

Ileana Cooper - Portfolio Book

March 23

Jack Smith - Portfolio Book

March 23

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